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DIY Toxin Free Multipurpose Spray

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Want a toxic free multipurpose spray with ingredients that you may already have lying around? Look no further! This formula is afforable and easy to make. You may be wondering why would a business that sells Mult-purpose say also want to give a formula away? Well the formula that we are offering is not the formula that we use in ours. The formula below is just a simple, affordable one, that actually does a great job. We are a business and obviously we want to sell our amazing products, but we are way more than that, we are a company that is passionate about a holistic lifestyle and want to provide our friends (you) with options.

This multi-purpose spray has the versatility to do deep cleaning but without the harsh chemicals. A lot of the other natural formulas couldn't handle tough stains, but this one I'm proud to say actually does the hard jobs!

You will need:

  • Reusable 16oz Spray Bottle

  • Essential oils or blend to scent the formula

  • Witch Hazel or rubbing alcohol

  • Castile Base or Dawn Original

  • Distilled Water

Helpful Tools:

  • Kitchen Scale

  • Measuring Cup

Without further ado..


10oz Distilled Water

4oz Witch Hazel

Castile Soap Base or Dawn Original

15 to 25 Drops of Essential Oil (Depending on how strong you want the scent to be).

Notice: Once you mix all the ingredients, the mixture may become white and hazy. This is totally natural!

Make sure you give it a quick shake prior to using the spray due to the essential oils settling in between uses.

And thats it!


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