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Winter Dog Health

Hey friends, lets talk about our furry friends. Many of you may know, I love animals. I grew up with animals and I actually got a certification in canine good citizen dog training. I wanted to share some helpful information to help your dog physically and mentally healthy.

Heres some tips on how to keep your doggo healthy in winter,

  1. When they go outside (to walk or to potty) wipe down their paws or dunk their paws in water to wipe off any salt or irratants that they may have picked up.

  2. (plug) Use our Paw & Snout butter and put on paws to moisturize and prevent their paw pads from drying and cracking.

  3. Don't cut their hair too short in the winter months. They can stay warmer with thicker/longer hair.

  4. Consider investing in dog booties, they get comfortable with them faster if you go on a walk or play to keep their mind off the booties.

  5. Ensure you clean up any antifreeze spills as that is very poisionous to puppers.

  6. Some dogs need a little less food as there is normally reduced activity in the winter.

  7. Get them a warm sweater.

  8. Mental activity is just as important as physical activity. If dogs get bored bad behavior happens or bordem behavior where they chew at their feet or etc. So to battle that, try some new mental games or toys. Here are some ideas that are affordable:


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